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Puppy School

We can offer a referal to a board/train puppy school program with local trainer for any of our pups if there is sufficient space in the program, this is a great choice for families with younger children or for older adults or professionals who would like to skip some of the initial time consuming work that goes into a puppy and of course the middle of the night potty breaks and crate training!

This program does book up quickly as pups stay in the trainers home as part of the family/pack, so spaces are limited.  Space permitting, we have several training options available.   Cost of training varies by trainer but averages approx $200/wk depending on the program selected


2 Week Program:

Your puppy will begin socializing with other healthy vaccinated dogs and get to meet new people.  He will be crate trained and started on a regular potty schedule, know how to "sit" and have begun working on leash walking and "down".


4 Week Program:

Your puppy will begin socializing with other vaccinated healthy dogs and get to meet new people, ride in a car and get used to being brushed and having nails trimmed, belly rubs, feet played with etc.  He will be crate trained and on a regular potty schedule ( you will need to continue this at home to ensure his success).  He will be leashed trained and know the commands "sit" and "down" and have worked on minimizing nipping and jumping using positive play based methods.    A session with the trainer at pick up will teach you how to continue what she has started as well ongoing phone and email support as needed.  


8 Week Program:

All of the above plus continuing with potty training, walking nicely on a leash without pulling and sitting to allow allow people to walk by without jumping. Hand signals will be introduced and work will be started on the recall and holding a sit and down for longer periods of time.  Of course the puppy will also benefit from continued socialization and work with boundries and manners.   

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