Puppy Plans



Please note we no longer ship puppies and submitting an application is no guarantee of acceptance, nor is approval of a past application.  

All fall puppies are reserved at this time and we do not yet have firm plans for the new years. 

Applications are prioritized in the following order:

1. Past puppy families/alumi (may submit an application anytime without waiting for a specific date - must be for themselves not extended family, kids, parents etc -  please do not misrepresent your intentions to skip the queue or this option will go away for everyone and your reservation will be cancelled).

2. Friends/family/referrals from existing puppy families 

3. All other applicants

Normal Screening process applies and a past approval does not guarantee a current approval, nor does a referral from a previous owner, each application will be assessed on its own merit. 


At this time we are not flying puppies or sending out of province/country, you must be able to pick up in person (socially distanced with COVID protocols).  Exceptions to spay/neuter/non-breeding will not be granted, please do not apply if you would like to breed your dog or opposed to spay/neuter.