Future Litters

Lucy and Leo have honeymooned and their puppies will go home in August. Lucy is an F1b Goldendoodle and Leo is an F3 Double Doodle.  Both dogs are under 28 lbs and we expect puppies to mature in the 15-30 lb range with some exceptions. They both have silky soft non shedding coats and light coloured eye and nose rims. If you want a puppy with a black nose, this is not the litter for you.

Our next litter will be Berklie and Tino, Berkie is an F3 Double Doodle with a straight Coat and Tino is an apricot Mini Poodle. We expect their puppies to mature under 30 lbs also and to have wavy or curly coats (they will not have moms straight Coat Gene).  They will go home in September. We are not taking reservations beyond that point. 


Please note that our reservation list was filled in one day and will not open up again until July 15th if we have spaces available.  Application or inquiries received prior to that date will be deleted.    We have had an overwhelming number of applications during these times and its imperative that you respect our time and the process by looking for information before asking and respond in a timely manner when questions are asked. 

NO spaces will be held without an approved application and deposit. We anticipate having a large volume of applications and simply submitting an application or asking about a litter does not hold you a space. If your application is approved you will be provided a purchase agreement to review and return with a deposit. It is your responsibility to do that in a timely manner. Requests just asking price or availability that have not bothered to read provided into will be deleted. They will be approved based on suitability not date of receipt but once accepted will be place in order or deposits received.  When puppies arrive spaces will be offered in order deposit is received, any families not receiving a puppy from Lucy's litter will move to Berklie's litter. 

Deposits will not be refunded because you found a puppy elsewhere sooner and we will not accept applications from families with multiple deposits with other breeders. 

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