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Puppy Plans

We are excited to announce that Polly is expecting a litter of mediums on May 15th.  Puppies should have a variety of coat types and range in colour from cream to apricot and possibly even red.  This is a multi sire litter and so puppies will either be double doodles (from Ollie) or F1b Goldendoodles (sired with frozen semen from retired dads Chili and Harvey (now deceased).)  Multiple sires were used as Poppy has not conceived on past attempts and frozen semen can be notoriously difficult to conceive from if not surgically implanted so we used multiple samples non surgically to increase the odds of a successful pregnancy without subjecting her to an invasive procedure and it worked! She is expecting 4-8 puppies and we can't wait to see who they look like:)


At this time we are not flying puppies by cargo, you must be able to pick up in person or we may be able to provide flight nanny services for in cabin transport with a human. Exceptions to spay/neuter/non-breeding will not be granted, please do not apply if you would like to breed your dog or opposed to spay/neuter.  

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