All the dogs in our breeding program have breed appropriate health clearance and family friendly temperament. All our boys have completed appropriate health testing including a CERF exam, Hip xrays, Patella exam, cardiac clearance and DNA testing. 

Rupert F1 Goldendoodle

Rupert was born a deep red and has faded to a light apricot. He is approx 65 lbs and 23" at the shoulder. He loves running and exploring and is gentle, calm and patient with children and loves to snuggle. He is also a Canine Blood Donor!

Winston - Double Doodle

Winston has a super soft curly non shedding coat and a fine build. He lives in a guardian home with older kids and another dog and is a social funny dog. He loves car rides and can be very vocal when excited. He is about 20 lbs and about 17" tall.

Leo Double Doodle

Leo is a very sweet gentle well mannered dog that lives in a guardian home with young children. He has a soft curly non shedding coat and is about 25 lb and 18" tall. He carries for the chocolate gene and so has a liver coloured nose and eye rims.

Milo - Multigen Labradoodle

Milo has a curly wool coat and is approx 30 lbs and 19" tall. He is a smart, friendly and energetic dog that loves his toys. He lives in a guardian home with an older dog and a family with older teens/young adults.

Finnigan - Moyen Poodle

Finnigan is a gorgeous red/apricot poodle with a friendly outgoing personality. He LOVES to fetch and is great with other dogs. He is about 50lbs and 21" tall and his puppies range dramatically in size from 25-85 lbs depending on the mom as he carries different sized genes from his various grandparents. He lives with his retired doggy parents.

Romeo - Double Doodle

Romeo is the result of an F1b Labradoodle dad and and F1b Goldendoodle mom. He is truly the best of both worlds with a soft silky fleece coat and a playful patient nature. He is now almost 10 years old but is still playful like a puppy and is in the pedigree of many of our dogs. He is approx 28 lbs and 18" tall

Tino - Mini Poodle

Tino started off as a dark red poodle but has faded over the years to a creamy apricot. He is about 12" and 12" tall and is a funny good nature dog that lives with his retired mom but frequently entertains younger grandchildren. He is Cookie's dad and throw beautiful good natured small sized puppies.