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Past Puppies

 We have just rebuilt our website after some hosting company issues and are starting from scratch with a new photo page complete with comments and a link to email addresses for references.  If you would like to add your dog to this page and are willing to occasionally receive emails from prospective purchasers then please send us a great photo and an update about your dog.  

You can also find more photos of our dogs and updates on new litters as well as talk to past puppy owners on our facebook page

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Cody - F1 English Goldendoodle

"We constantly get comments on what a beautiful dog he is, but it's not just his appearance, he is also a really sweet-natured dog. I regularly take him when I pick the children up from school and I have to say he has a very loyal fan base there! 


We are so pleased we got our dog from you - we've actually met a few other pups born at Shadymaples but from different litters and their owners are really pleased too. 
We'd be very happy to provide references as we couldn't be more pleased with our dog" 

~ Sandra


Spot--Double Doodle/North American Retriever (Goldendoodle X Labradoodle)

"Spot is a sweet and cuddly dog who loves everybody he meets. He is a great as a poodle, fun as a lab, and sweet as a golden retriever...all rolled into one! He is very obedient and loves to jump for treats, play in the water, and chase sticks. We constantly have people asking if they can take him off our hands! "

~ Rhonda


Charlie - F1 Goldendoodle

Here are some pictures of Charlie! She's 17.5 pounds right now and  getting bigger every day. She's an amazing dog, everybody loves her,  great personality. Very very smart! Surprisingly smart:) she has  brought so much joy into my life and the lives of those around me.  Thanks again!

~ Robynne


Hudson - Mini F1b Goldendoodle

Hudson is a friendly, energetic, happy-go-lucky dog who learns quickly!  He is very outgoing and loves to say hello to everyone, especially children and other dogs at the park.  When we take him for walks, we always receive comments on what a great dog he is, both in appearance and personality.  He is very cuddly and loves to curl up beside us on the couch when he's tired.  We are so happy to have Hudson as a part of our family and are looking forward to many years to come with him!  

~ Martice


Molly - Medium F1b Goldeondoodle

I thought of you this morning when opened the Vancouver Sun. There  is a 2 page article about choosing a puppy (and breeder.) You would  hit all the right marks as far as this article is concerned! Just  thought you might find it an interesting read...
Our little doodle, Molly, continues to be absolute delight! We  fall more in love with her every day. I have never met a more  affectionate, social, dog. She is equally happy and gentle with  people and with other animals. My vet is suggesting that when she  gets a little bit older, (so that she is not quite she will make a wonderful therapy dog... Iwanted you to know  how happy we are with her.

~ Vanessa


Ginger - F1 Goldendoodle

"She is absolutely the best dog we have ever had. She is smart, very trainable, very friendly(every kid at the school stop to say hi everyday), energetic yet calm when it needs to be, a true companion for me and the kids. Truly a perfect dog." 

~ Marion


Kelly - Medium F1 Goldendoodle

"Kelly is a very happy dog who lives to play.   She loves water and swims almost daily.   She loves humans and other dogs as well.   She is the easiest dog to train and learns amazingly quickly.   Although she is still a pup (eight and a half months), she has entered the hearts of so many people.  She’s a wonderful companion and I can’t recommend you highly enough as a great breeder.   Thanks for producing such wonderful dogs. " 

~ Ruth


"Just 7 years ago tonight Dandi was born, your first litter of goldendoodles. Everyone still stops to comment on how pretty she is, but she is even sweeter. Dandi loves everyone, especially children, and visits hospitals where she always brings smiles to faces. 


We frequently tell people where we got her, what great breeders you are, and thank you for giving us the best dog we've ever had. Our baby!!" 

~ Sharon


"Max has grown into quite the neighbourhood dog. Everyone knows us by  him, he is a real treat. Lots of energy, loves people and is a regular visitor of our neighbours on the cul de sac. We couldn't be happier  with him; he is easy to train, is very well behaved and has a  wonderful personality.

I've lost count of how many times I've referred you. People are always  
surprised you are on the island, they think we got him from out east  

~ Joanna


"Here are a few pictures of Casey, she is 8 months old and 40 lbs.  I think she must take after her mother, Scarlett because she has a lot of Golden Retriever in her and loves to play!

  ...thank you for being such a wonderful breeder.  We feel very blessed to have Casey in our lives and not only do we benefit from your knowledgable breeding but from your support as Casey grows.  We happily and confidently recommend Shadymaple Doodles to  future Goldendoodle owners."

~ Nora

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