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 Due to the risk of Parvo transmission, we will only only extend visitation privledges to families picking up their puppy to bring it home after its first vaccine and health check.  At that time you are welcome to come and visit, meet the parents and see how/where your puppy was raised. 

 If for any reason at that time you are not happy with the puppy, the parents or the environment they are raised in at our home then we will gladly offer you a refund and you are under no obligation to keep the puppy. This hasn't happened yet but we want you to feel comfortable with your purchase and also keep our puppies safe from viruses so this is the best compromise we can come up with.


If you wish to learn more about how we raise our dogs then we can provide references from our vet, trainers or previous purchasers, all who have been to our home and seen how our dogs are raised.  You will also be sent lots of photos of your puppy prior pick up day. 

Parvo is an opportunistic disease that can kill a puppy in a matter of 24-48 hours. It is shed by infected dogs and can live for months on hard surfaces and grass and its a risk we will not take with your puppy or any other families puppy.

Even though you may not own a dog, simply visiting a dog park, another breed or a pet store could contaminate your footwear or clothing and then carry it back to our home when you come to visit, putting a whole litter of puppies at great risk. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with this policy and look forward to meeting you in person on puppy pickup day.  There is nothing more important the the safety and well being of our puppies, PLEASE respect this and DO NOT ask us to make an exception just for you.

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