Available Puppies

Please note that prior application approval is no guarantee of future application approval.  Please note that we also no longer fly puppies and you must be able to pick up in person, safety protocols are in place for COVID 19 and all pickups will occur outdoors with social distancing in place.  

Available Puppies

We have no puppies available at this time. We may open up a fall list in August, spaces permitting. That will be announced on social media a few days in advance. 


Please note we no longer ship puppies and submitting an application is no guarantee of acceptance, nor is approval of a past application.  

Please read  before submitting an Application:

  1. Read over the policies and FAQ’s section (this is really important, it shows us that you will be willing and able to follow written directions from us, your Veterinarian, trainer etc in the future.)

  2. We will respond with more questions or an approval and give you an opportunity to ask questions.

  3. Once we both decide it’s a good fit you can submit a deposit and signed reservation agreement to hold your place.

  4. As soon as a litter is born that has space and fits your preferences you will be contacted, at that time you can accept a puppy from that litter or choose to wait for a future litter.

  5. We will keep you updated with weekly group photos and start providing information on how to prepare for a new puppy.

  6. At 6 weeks you will be matched with a puppy to approve and at 8-9 weeks you will come to pick up (and receive a puppy training seminar depending on trainers availability)

Please note our new email address is pupeze1@gmail.com if you cannot get the link to work.

We often have more photos/videos on Facebook at www.facebook.com/shadymapledoodles

Have a read over our Prices/Policies page and our visitor policy before emailing as many questions can be answered there and computer time is limited when caring for puppies.

If you have read through the provided information and still have additional questions or are ready to proceed with a puppy application.