Available Puppies

Please note that applications from individuals that are abusive, demanding or bullying will not be entertained under any circumstances and prior application approval is no guarantee of future application approval.  Please note that we also no longer fly puppies  and you must be able to pick up in person so we can meet you in person and vice versa.

Ella and Finnigans Puppy

We have one F1b medium puppy available to go home from Ellas and Finnigan's Litter. His birthdate is Dec 14th and he has a dark apricot wavy coat that looks much like an F1.  He is a sweet social puppy. Double click image for more info.

Vaughn has a silky coat that is a combination of straight wavy. We expect him to mature in the 45-55 lb range. Hes a playful social puppy
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Willow and Leo's Puppies

Willow and Leo are proud parents of 6 mini/medium double doodles.  This is a first litter for both so we are not entirely sure what the expect but based on their genetic testing and pedigree we anticipate a variety of coat types and active athletic pups ranging from 20-40 lbs. 


Willow is an F1b Goldendoodle with a wavy fleece coat and Leo is a Double Doodle with a soft wooly coat. Both are under 30 lbs but puppies sometimes get bigger than either parents so sizing is estimated at this time.  Double doodles are one of our favorites, they have the best of both worlds are get amazing reviews from families. 


These puppies are schedule to go home on the 28th of March and as of 23 February we have 2 spaces open.

Please read  before submitting an Application:

  1. Read over the policies and FAQ’s section (this is really important, it shows us that you will be willing and able to follow written directions from us, your Veterinarian, trainer etc in the future.)

  2. We will respond with more questions or an approval and give you an opportunity to ask questions.

  3. Once we both decide it’s a good fit you can submit a deposit and signed reservation agreement to hold your place.

  4. As soon as a litter is born that has space and fits your preferences you will be contacted, at that time you can accept a puppy from that litter or choose to wait for a future litter.

  5. We will keep you updated with weekly group photos and start providing information on how to prepare for a new puppy.

  6. At 6 weeks you will be matched with a puppy to approve and at 8-9 weeks you will come to pick up (and receive a puppy training seminar depending on trainers availability)

Please note our new email address is pupeze1@gmail.com if you cannot get the link to work.

We often have more photos/videos on Facebook at www.facebook.com/shadymapledoodles

Have a read over our Prices/Policies page and our visitor policy before emailing as many questions can be answered there and computer time is limited when caring for puppies.

If you have read through the provided information and still have additional questions or are ready to proceed with a puppy application.

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